Sunday, 27 November 2011


    So...I haven't really written in a while, but that's what happens when u grow up and start having shit to do. Nonetheless, writing something takes time, for it is not the quantity of your words that mater but of the ideas that u get from the spur of a moment. I truly regret changing while also gaining a few years in my life experience. Change shows through what you've been, and not only for me, but for everyone out there. A certain cut shows you were in a battle, you fell while you were running or you got a paper cut. Every single detail of your body tells a story, we ourselves are history to our ancestors and for each physical individuality we also have our mental separation towards others, therefore, each word we say and every idea we have shows us and how we grew, with what we've been through and what determined us to be what we are today.
    I wish I believed in time so that for a blink moment I could believe in the possibility of turning it back. What I've done are many things I would normally be ashamed of as a normal human being, but as a feeling striped person that I usually am, all I can see from these actions were small mutations in my thoughts that showed me the world's true face. For every shit hole and every sunshine that I pass I seem to always still be in the clouds, swimming chaotically through my drowning beliefs  trying to realize if its really me whom I see in the mirror each morning or a cold monster created by those around me.( in conclusion, title name was stupid, as always)

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