Sunday, 27 November 2011


    So...I haven't really written in a while, but that's what happens when u grow up and start having shit to do. Nonetheless, writing something takes time, for it is not the quantity of your words that mater but of the ideas that u get from the spur of a moment. I truly regret changing while also gaining a few years in my life experience. Change shows through what you've been, and not only for me, but for everyone out there. A certain cut shows you were in a battle, you fell while you were running or you got a paper cut. Every single detail of your body tells a story, we ourselves are history to our ancestors and for each physical individuality we also have our mental separation towards others, therefore, each word we say and every idea we have shows us and how we grew, with what we've been through and what determined us to be what we are today.
    I wish I believed in time so that for a blink moment I could believe in the possibility of turning it back. What I've done are many things I would normally be ashamed of as a normal human being, but as a feeling striped person that I usually am, all I can see from these actions were small mutations in my thoughts that showed me the world's true face. For every shit hole and every sunshine that I pass I seem to always still be in the clouds, swimming chaotically through my drowning beliefs  trying to realize if its really me whom I see in the mirror each morning or a cold monster created by those around me.( in conclusion, title name was stupid, as always)

Friday, 12 August 2011


I started writing a book yesterday, yes it might seem like a thing of the moment that won't last long, but I hope it's not. I'm guessing, for me, writing a book might help me a lot, maybe express more what I hide inside me. The name of the book is "Death and all it's values" and as an inspiration I took the Hansel and Gretel story by the Grimm Brothers. The story is more about a life long lesson in which my main character partakes in only to have, in his last moments of life, what he truly desires. I'm on my first chapter; I gotta say, I'm a bit nervous when i write, not because of the way i write or ideas, but of the grammatical errors. I want it to be as much captivating as possible and if grammar is bad the the story will seem annoying. So as a reference to Hansel, the main character gets lost in his world, he thought he left something behind to help him find his way back, but its's gone and he feels captured in something more powerful than him. Gretel will represent his responsibilities in life which he has no escape from as a human. The "cannibal" eventually catches him but he merely escapes all to find out that there's nothing left.
  The idea of the book, for me, seems nice, don't know if i'll ever finish it, but if I do, I hope Field will like it.
(conclusion: don't leave trails of crumb, cannibals can eat bread too)

Thursday, 11 August 2011


I am starting to really hate people with expectations, people that are formed to rule over you.They teach you one thing and expect you to be able to do something that might have a certain resemblance to what you were thought but which, in fact, is totally different. They give birth to these ideas in their head that makes them believe that you are truly stupid, that you are incapable of performing their desired actions when , in fact, it's their fault for not being able to make the difference between certain objects and actions which they expect you to partake in just fine. Maybe they are too unconcious to realize that they are actually doing this for a later on excuse. I will tell you an example from parenting: when a father teaches you to ride the bicycle, he is happy while he is doing it, you are happy , but happiness isn't always what we need, let me ask, do u really need to learn how to ride a bike? No, but you do it for fun, or go pro which is for captivating audience to win money in which case you do need to learn how to ride a bicycle although this is the type of decision you take later on in your life. You father teaching you how to ride the bicycle was the spark and that's fine, i don't expect your father to teach you how to flip or climb mountains with that bike. What I don't understand is why, after they gave you a spark, do they not expect the fire to spread. If your gonna go pro and your gonna work your way up, you WILL fail a few times , it's just the way it is, why do they expect you to do it perfectly. It's like, hey kiddo I'm gonna teach how to ride a bicycle cause that's a typical god father, the rest, the things that you really need in which i want you to succeed, figure those out on your own.
    I can't help but wonder why on earth are we so small minded, after millions of years of evolution, WTF is this. We fail at things and instead of trying to figure out how to do it better, to try and learn from our mistakes and "evolve" we look at other failures and go by their example like a bunch of idiots.
Humor told me that people are close minded , silly little Humor as if he's not close minded, get it, cause he's in my head( I am am so funny).
 Anyways, I'm a bit tired of complaining to you Field, I'm probably gonna go slumber in my thoughts with Humor while you go at with your sad life ( in conclusion Humor wants to be a father)


I have decided that, since i have a name (Grass) u deserve one too so i decided for u because u do not have a say in this because i decided so. You readers shall be my field, big field in which i can expand, and grow in you( that was a bit perverted but u get the point). My green field will be so full of grass that it will become grass itself and it shall not be field anymore but giant grass. It's a bit like an invasion, me invading ur mind and taking over, simple, right? So Field , for every post i
make and every post u read a blade of grass grows in
u and for every blade of grass that grows in u the more I get in ur head, the more I fuck u up and the more control i take, but fucking u up is a good thing, after i have invaded u shall look like this :
   Now, doesn't that look pretty, don't u just look nice. Field i'm starting to really like the way u look after i take over.
    The title says humor and u might take this as a joke
but , no, this is not a joke and humor is my imaginary friend inside my head which is amused by everything in life and finds humor in anything. He is the one giving me ideas to write so next time i mention Humor i'm referring to him. I feel like a priest today, blessing all of u with such pretty names. I bet that Humor and Field shall get along just fine...just fine...(sigh)
( conclusion the grass is always greener for Humor)


I was online in on my messenger account the other day and a friend of mine's status popped up saying that it changed. What it changed into was the word "muh'fucker" , now i looked at it and wondered, is she incompetent, is she stupid, she knows not grammar? But then i realized, yes she is stupid and incompetent. Now, don't get me wrong, she has good grades at school, but that doesn't really help her out in this situation. U see what's happening nowadays is that a new gender of music comes out, and let's say it's rap. Now the only people that can truly sing rap are the ones that don't really have talent and that's black people and a few retarded whites that are black wannabes. So black person starts singing and what does he do in his music videos? He put puts in giant necklaces he is so successful and he can afford giant block of gold to put on his neck. They put expensive cars, and of course it's to send that message, i got all of this from rapping. Well, he did, and u know why? Because morons like u admire the success he has in life and better yet the "pain" he shows in his song, it's something u can relate to. Yes, morons, go relate to someone who grew up in a tribe like neighborhood with nothing to eat and the only way to survive was to commit crime. Now u relate, u buy their "shit" they get their money, they expand and what happens is, they are so successful in ur eyes, and yet so bad at grammar and pronouncing words that it becomes a new language for u and millions of other idiots. So now the word mother fucker is for haters and the word "muh'fucker" is the new thing that u must go by if u wish to continue being an idiotic piece of shit(rap fan). Bad grammar just became trendy, u know what i think i might make my own language, ill rent some cars, some hookers, make them dance on the cars and i'll recite a poem and make a friend of mine beatbox in the backround , how does that sound? (conclusion? people are so smart they reinvent ur culture )

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Look at hulk and his flabby biceps, i mean u'd expect that when you shout like that you would have your whole hand contracted , but his just looks like some jelly with veins, but that's besides the matter, TOPIC: HULK (you notice i put caps, no reason, don't ask so many questions)

This topic will probably be lame since i have no one to comment with but i shall talk none the less.
As i grew up i always imagined myself being spider man, i was always the nerd that was picked on at school which i could relate to in Peter Parker. I used to think that i would actually find a way to transform myself into a superhero such as spider man and, not beat up, but kill everyone that bothered me in school. But as years passed i came over another hero, more or less, to which i related even more. My attitude changed, my friends, i became aggressive, i started bodybuilding, hulk was my new idol. Although i didn't really think ill expose myself to radiation to become big, like i would in my childhood, i did think it possible to become big and more naturally, a monster. My problem, as i aged, was not that with my fellow school colleagues , but more with the world. I started hating every human being, having spider man as an idol was not a strong enough super hero for me to face the world with. Hulk became my all time favorite, it was so symbolical how he transformed. He was a calm person, and he was aware of his condition. He always tried to control himself, detach himself from everyone just for their own safety, but then people are so stupid that they don't leave him alone. People around him release the monster inside, they ask for it, they want it. It's a matter of human/animal instinct which we lack to control. Instead of thinking things through, to obtain what we want, even though some things are limited to us due to the fact that we are human, we take 2 sides, the good one and the bad one. We face the bad side wishing to eliminate it , but we face it without thought, without conscious, like stupid animals. If we fail to over come the evil we quit or continuously fail like idiots. What we could be doing is ignore the threat if we THINK we cant face it and go directly to the good side, but unfortunately we will always be mere mortals. ( in conclusion, super heroes are just idols, they will never help you on your quest to fulfillment)


You know, one day i was thinking, why do i need friends? Friends are for pussies then i thought to myself, pussies do need friends but what does that have to do with me questioning whether or not i need friends and then i realize i could put this in a sexual matter. Pussies need dicks while dicks need pussies although if pussy doesn't get dick it leaves a whole in her while when dick doesn't get pussy he looks for other friends like the asshole.The asshole is a secondary friend to which you go when the pussy is out,she might seem closed at first but you soon realize she opens up just as much as the pussy, but then you realize that this friend of yours is full of shit so then u leave her there and go to the mouth. The mouth is a very desperate friend, she always opens up to whichever friend she finds. This friend always talks a lot and which pisses you off which then causes you to want to make your friend stop talking. Although she might accept you stopping her from talking, she'll start agreeing with you which will make you feel disgusted with yourself, so you finish up real fast and then leave. You then stay by yourself for a little while until you feel the need to search for you good old friend pussy again. (in conclusion don't draw conclusions out of nonsense)

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